Sunday, 5 July 2015

Everything is going to be fine

Have you guys ever experienced the day that everything goes wrong?

I did...

I feel bad due to some incidents. I feel bad when I get comments from others. I feel bad when I do things imperfectly. I feel bad when I lose to control whatever should happen. I feel bad when.....

I know I'm so called 'Ms. Perfectionist'

I'm not going to deny this nickname because I do request myself to do things perfectly, not even a single mistake. Due to some incidents, I found out that no one is perfect. Even if we fail a lot of times, so what?!

Monday, 1 June 2015

Just A Little Treat


spelled backwards is


Green tea bingsu
Nunpat- a korean dessert cafe. People normally order bingsu which is shaved ice. For me, I'll still prefer to have Green Tea bingsu.

A Fail Jogging Plan

Monument vs Sunlight

I went for a jog today but the weather was only allowed me for 1 round. By the time I was going to start my second round, it rained like cats and dogs. I had no choice but to get myself a shelter instead of getting myself wet in the rain. However, I GOT ALL WET on the way to the car.

Here are some photos taken last night

The elder

The younger

Dad & Mum
Mum & I
What an incident!

Brothers & sisters
A warm kiss will do <3

The happy mama-s

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Mother's Day Celebration

Well, I'm going to start this off with the belated mother's day celebration after a long period of struggle - SCHOOL EXAM. Being honest, I did bad but it was already over. And now, why don't we enjoy every single moment and laugh while we still have teeth?

Everyone of us
This family gathering is said to be very precious cause we all have our busy life to get through. As a result, we are hard to get close and catch up with each other. So... photos are the best way to keep these memories during the wonderful night.